Stephen Bogdan
Director and Graphic Designer

Work ↓

(2020) Brand Identity and collateral for Sqirl Away. AD: Scott Barry

(2021) Brass Mesemb flower button for Cactus Store. AD: Cactus Store

(2020) Art direction and video for Sqirl. Photography by Nick Ventura

(2021) Bumper Sticker concept and design for Sqirl.

(2021) T-Shirt Designs for Château tent. Photography by Nick Ventura

(2020) Jar Design for Sqirl. Photography by Nick Ventura

(2020) Brand Identity for Rolek’s. AD: Scott Barry

(2021) Extra wide screen printed vinyl Bumper Sticker design for Cactus Store. AD: Cactus Store

(2021) T-Shirt concept and design for Sqirl.

(2021) T-Shirt concept and design for Sqirl and Jam’s Collaboration. AD: Sam Jayne

(2022) Art direction for for Sqirl metallic offset stickers.


Type in Use 
ABC Marfa and Estragon
by Dinamo


Portrait by Julian Klincewicz

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